Metrix helps EWIB provide skill upgrades for 30 times more jobseekers


The Eastern CT Workforce Investment Board (EWIB) uses Metrix Learning online training to deliver skill upgrading to their jobseekers.  EWIB's jobseekers have completed over 3,900 courses and a total of over 16,000 training hours in the Metrix system.

"Historically, EWIB has proactively and  aggressively integrated technology into its  workforce development strategy. The four computer labs originally designed for job  search at CTWorks–East were viewed as ideal learning labs for regional  workers seeking to upgrade their skills. For close to a decade EWIB has offered jobseekers skills training through an online platform, and thus integrated a strong and economical skill enhancement capability into the  fabric of the region’s CTWorks–East Career Centers as well as jobseeker homes across the region.

This technologically innovative and customer-friendly training option has proven very popular.  Regional workers seek flexible solutions to balance their skill upgrading needs  with the time constraints of everyday life. EWIB has sustained this online learning by dedicating a portion of its federal and state funding to work with its technology partner, the Employment & Training Institute (ETI) to provide free access for jobseekers to learning licenses and technology workshops."


Read the full article in EWIB's Workforce Watch 2012 (PDF, page 4)