Skillup America provides cost-effective training to jobseekers nationally


 Press Release - Albany, NY

New York Wired for Education (NY Wired) is launching Skillup America™,  an Internet-based training and certification program to help address the skill gap existing with many of the 24 Million unemployed or underemployed Americans.  The particular focus will be the millions of recent college graduates who are looking for a technical or professional certification.

"Many recent college graduates are in debt, living at home and waiting tables," says New York Wired CEO, Brian Lee.  "These graduates don’t have the $5,000 necessary to pursue classroom certification programs."

Skillup America™ will offer job skills training with access to over 4,000 courses for a fee of $149.  In addition, training leading to an optional certification exam is offered in areas including CompTIA A+, QuickBooks, Microsoft Office Specialist, Six Sigma, Project Management, and more.  Certification exam costs range from $100 to $350 on average.

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