Workforce and Corporate Leaders meet at Nano College for Workforce Development Seminar



On Tuesday, September 24, New York Wired for Education hosted a Workforce Development Seminar at the SUNY College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering.  Workforce and corporate leaders from 6 states attended.
Scott Sheely, Executive Director of the Lancaster, PA County Workforce Investment Board, presented an analysis of the Albany area’s career pathways.  Career pathways are designed to account for the growth of an industry and map the knowledge, skills, and abilities that workers need for various occupations.
New York Wired demonstrated a beta version of their Economic Development Portal. The portal is designed to connect jobseekers, employers, and organizations to address regional supply and demand.  The tool can assess skills, identify skill gaps, and recommend relevant training and certifications from various sources, including community colleges.  The portal is focused on health care, information technology, manufacturing, and nanotechnology career pathways.