Yolo County opens up additional online training and certification


YOLO COUNTY, CA -- Yolo County is offering free access to online training to help job seekers and workers amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

The county is giving residents access to Metrix Learning, “an online training platform aimed to help with job training and job certifications,” a statement from Yolo County Public Information Officer Jenny Tan, explained. “Metrix Learning offers more than 5,000 courses as a pathway to over 180 industry certificates, giving county residents a flexible and helpful way to improve skills, earn industry certificates, launch into new careers or jump into new career opportunities.”

Metrix Learning is being offered through SkillUp Yolo County, a part of the Yolo County Workforce Innovation, which aims to provide residents access to these programs as well as encourage them to develop new skills in order to have a better chance at a better career.

With Metrix Learning, people can “learn at their own pace, receive clear training milestones and achieve industry certificates upon completion through customized badges,” Tan stated.

Employers can then identify potential candidates for their positions on the platform displaying new badges earned and can connect with them about new employment opportunities.

Metrix Learning’s most popular courses are in: project management, Microsoft Word & Excel, HIPAA, human resources, accounting, food industry standards and leadership and team building. There are additional courses offered in computer and IT fields as well.

Metrix Learning offers courses in Spanish and Mandarin.

Yolo County residents can register free of charge at yoloworks.metrixlearning.com. Job seekers interested in receiving career services, additional training or support in using Metrix Learning can contact YoloWorks! at yoloworks.org, (530) 661-2641 or jobcenter@yolocounty.org.

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