Age-Specific Competencies in Long Term Care (NAB-NCERS Approval #: 1792012-1.25-8112-dl)
Aging and Advance Directives (NAB-NCERS Approval #: 0162013-1.00-11445-dl)
Caring for Residents with Dignity & Respect (w/Video) (NAB-NCERS Approval #: 0532013-0.50-10852-dl)
Communication with Residents & Their Families (w/Video) (NAB-NCERS Approval #: 0532013-0.50-10838-dl)
Communications: The Process and Between Generations (NAB-NCERS Approval #: 1962013-1.00-11473-dl)
Confidentiality: Who Needs to Know
Continuous Quality Improvement and Pressure Ulcer Care (NAB-NCERS Approval # 0462013-1.00-11462-dl)
Controlling Violence in Healthcare and Preventing Elder Abuse (NAB-NCERS Approval # 0462013-1.00-11460-dl)
Dementia Care I, Mental Decline & Caregiving Challenges (w/Video) (NAB-NCERS Approval #: 0532013-0.50-10844-dl)
Dementia Care II, Physical Decline & Caregiving Challenges (w/Video) (NAB-NCERS Approval #: 0532013-0.50-10845-dl)
Dementia Care III, Understanding & Managing Difficult Behavior (w/Video) (NAB-NCERS Approval #: 0532013-0.50-10846-dl)
Fall Prevention (w/Video) (NAB-NCERS Approval #: 0532013-0.50-10849-dl)
Getting Ready for Terrorism: Preparing the Healthcare Community for Biological, Chemical, and Radiological Weapons
HIPAA - A Guide for Long Term Care Workers
Incontinence Care (w/Video) (NAB-NCERS Approval #: 0532013-0.50-10850-dl)
Nutrition & Hydration (w/Video) (NAB-NCERS Approval #: 0532013-0.50-10851-dl)
Pain Management (w/Video) (NAB-NCERS Approval #: 0532013-0.50-10839-dl)
Pressure Ulcer Prevention (w/Video) (NAB-NCERS Approval #: 0532013-0.50-10848-dl)
Resident Rights (w/Video) (NAB-NCERS Approval #: 0532013-0.50-10847-dl)
Resident Rights and Confidentiality (NAB-NCERS Approval #: 1962013-1.00-11470-dl)
The Confused Resident and Preventing Falls (NAB-NCERS Approval # 0462013-1.00-11461-dl)
Understanding & Caring for Residents with Depression (w/Video) (NAB-NCERS Approval #: 0532013-0.50-10843-dl)
Understanding Abuse & Neglect (w/Video) (NAB-NCERS Approval #: 0532013-0.50-10842-dl)
Understanding Skin Breakdown (w/Video) (NAB-NCERS Approval #: 0532013-0.50-10853-dl)
Wandering & Elopement (w/Video) (NAB-NCERS Approval #: 0532013-0.50-10841-dl)