The Workforce Innovation Opportunity Act (WIOA) funds and governs regional workforce development activities. WIOA establishes two levels of services for unemployed and dislocated workers: Career Services and Training Services. Most WIOA funding is allocated towards training services, which typically require several weeks to complete and result in credentials, like a nursing license or welding certification. However, the majority of workforce customers rely on career services like skill assessment, interview preparation, and career planning to find immediate work.

Customers participating in career services can either be self-directed or staff-assisted, if they receive individual counseling. In PY 2015, over 80% of all workforce customers in California were self-directed1. Similarly, workforce development boards across the country serve more customers through self-directed career services than any other.

With so many customers reliant on self-directed services, it is essential to offer them effective, user friendly solutions that can enhance their employability.


Metrix Learning® is a self-paced, online learning platform designed for the public workforce system. Whether self-directed or staff-assisted, Metrix Learning® can help your customers develop the skills they need to boost their career! How it works: Through virtual registration, customers can sign up for instant access from anywhere within your LWIA2. Each customer receives a unique username/password, and unlimited access to 4,500+ courses for 6-months. They can manage their own online learning program, or work with your staff to select the best courses to meet their goals. On average, Metrix Learning® participants perform 20% better in workforce common measures: entered employment, wage, and retention rate!


  • Custom logo-embedded Metrix Learning® website
  • 4,500+ self-paced courses
  • 350+ skill tracks
  • 100+ certification tracks (Microsoft Office, QuickBooks, PMP, CompTIA, etc)
  • 10 Career Pathways
  • Integrated job search (Indeed.com or custom)
  • Course certificates & digital badges

Course Topics

  • Soft skills (communication, time management, professionalism, etc.)
  • Microsoft Office
  • Clerical
  • Customer Service
  • CompTIA
  • Human Resources
  • Project Management
  • Marketing
  • Accounting/Finance
  • Information Technology
  • & more

Best Practices