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At Metrix Learning, our priority is people!

Over 500,000 learners served

2.5 million training hours completed

7,000+ available courses

Training for 130+ industry certifications

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Metrix Learning’s eLearning portal is designed to strengthen job prospects. Our goal is simple: to promote career pathways that drive economic prosperity. Metrix Learning provides:


Working directly with state and local governments, non-profits, businesses, and corporations, Metrix Learning understands that each community has a unique economic DNA with diverse needs. Each partner relationship is individually served with a tailored plan.

Custom-built training plans for each unique workforce and worker demand palette

Upskilling methodology that leans on labor market data to streamline strategic goals

Deep dive into target industries, prioritizing an effective and efficient workforce

Metrix Learning delivers proven results through our online learning platform with current and future needs in mind. Around-the-clock access and self-directed courses offer plentiful career pathways to accommodate any life circumstance.

Parents, families juggling childcare, and adult care schedules

Barriers in accessing brick and mortar classrooms

Transportation-deficient jobseekers

Our eLearning platform serves as a support system for those transitioning into the workplace. In addition to offering more than 7,000 skills development courses, Metrix Learning prepares the worker with essential soft skills to successfully navigate life as a working individual.

Dynamic Packages that Drive Results

Metrix Learning partners with organizations to deliver workforce development training and virtual career services through engaging, cost-effective online solutions.


Delivers 24/7 access to core leadership development, business skills, and technology training to improve employability and advance career development


A customized solution, integrating the complete eLearning library with virtual career services, to deliver learning plans to suit your local needs, industry demands, and regional workforce development goals


Unlocks an expanded library of training opportunities and certifications, including candidate screening tools, skills assessments, and a robust skilled trades course catalog