More than 100 Workforce Development Boards across the country use Metrix Learning

Why Metrix Learning?

Our boards experience an increase in:



Performance outcomes


Career service


Why Metrix Learning?

Our boards experience an increase in:

Customers served

Skills gained

Performance outcomes

Partner relationships

Career service success

Cost savings

Advancing the Workforce

Metrix Learning is a game changer for public sector partners, providing the power to develop customized training plans based on local needs and leverage pre-constructed career pathways to meet demand. Our online portal serves as a virtual extension of resources that connects directly to your community and complements your existing jobseeker and employer services. This self-directed, online solution recognizes labor market data and the importance of:

A skilled talent pipeline

Training and education that matters

Solutions that align with the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA)

Connecting with individual career goals

Personalize learning plans


Our Step-by-Step Process

With an investment of under $75 per individual, the economic impact and return is priceless when considering the boosts in business stability, wage increases, and overall trajectory for success. Our step by step process to advance communities through targeted skills development starts with an in-depth assessment of the current state of the workforce.

Step 1

Delving into a deep understanding of occupational gaps, industry opportunities, unemployment rates, and wages reveals the story necessary for us to guide a progressive economic journey.

Step 2

Metrix Learning develops a clear and defined blueprint based on data, training strategies, and community outreach templates that satisfy WIOA guidelines and also fortify the workforce foundation.

Step 3

Once our plan is approved, launched, and executed, we closely monitor performance to optimize participation and outcomes while monitoring shifts in the labor market. Our mission is to match your mission when it comes to economic prosperity.

Geographic Solutions Integration

Metrix Learning is fully integrated with Geographic Solutions, a platform used in nearly every state to report Department of Labor employment and training information. Customers already registered in the state’s Geographic Solutions system can instantly sign-up for Metrix Learning courses with one click and all of their training hours are automatically captured for reporting purposes.

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What our clients are saying

“Speaking only for myself, I am continually impressed with the on-demand, accessible content that our diverse customer base receives through Skill-Up City of Alexandria and Arlington County. We’ve seen many measurable skills gains and more!”
Picture of David Remick
David Remick, MPA
Executive Director
Alexandria/Arlington Regional Workforce Council, Virginia
"The benefit that Metrix gives to us as a workforce development board is that we can aggregate data and show what the ROI is, in terms of the number of people that chose to skill up, the number of people that have completed different assessments and trainings, and the topics of those trainings. That gives us data to look at the industries that we focus on and go to those employers and say that we currently have x number of residents that have recently expressed interest in this type of training, would you like to review their resumes?"
Picture of Diane Tackett
Diane Tackett
Chief Operations Officer
Workforce Solutions
Rural Capital Area, Texas
“We’re using Metrix Learning with a lot of diversity in our center. A lot of our customers are using it to gain skills and training in areas that they want to either advance in their careers or get some kind of credential to try and get a better career. We utilize it with some of our local employers for pre-employment testing. We found it very valuable for our Oswego County residents and businesses.”
picture of kim sizemore
Kim Sizemore
Coordinator of Client Services
Oswego County Workforce
New York

Workforce Training Packages

Metrix Learning partners with organizations to deliver workforce development training and virtual career services through engaging, cost-effective online solutions.

From education and training to certification and career development, Metrix Learning works to:

All-Inclusive solution

  • Custom website with your logo
  • Access to our entire catalog with more than 7,000 courses
  • Training for over 100 industry certifications
  • Free certificate of completion for every course
  • Career exploration and skill gap analysis with our career pathways tool
  • Annual user license, unlimited activities
  • Unlimited accounts for administrators/staff – free professional development!
  • Automated monthly reports
  • Mon-Fri 9am-5pm EST customer support
  • Weekly training webinars for learners and staff
Use the ROI (return on investment) calculator to see how Metrix Learning provides cost savings.