Metrix Learning

Metrix Learning is a proud innovator of online education solutions designed for the public workforce. We are on a mission to cultivate purposeful careers and boost returns on workforce investments.

Dedicated to proposing solutions based on labor market statistics and geographic data, the resources we deliver accommodate the needs of:

Our custom SkillUpAmerica eLearning portal is unique to each community with a user-friendly, self-paced platform. SkillUpAmerica aims to:

A Desire to Serve

Derived from its parent company, NY Wired for Education, Metrix Learning elevated asynchronous learning during its 2008 launch. Amid a recession, the company introduced its web-based learning management system (LMS) with New York-based Workforce Development Boards, and made an immediate impact on workforce prosperity. Today, the Metrix Learning online education solution for workforce and economic advancement has spread to almost half of the country. Most notably, our online solution has led to:

The spark that ignited Metrix Learning into the country’s go-to workforce development solution has jumped generations within founder and CEO Brian Lee’s family. Lee’s career stands firm on a foundation of the tenacity, grit, and public service of his father, who carried the Lees through the Depression while working for the New York State Department of Labor. Mr. Lee’s unequivocal determination to help fellow citizens connect to a good job and take care of their families was the sole purpose of his 40-year career. The desire to serve continued with Brian, whose education at Cornell University encompassed Industrial and Labor relations, leading him through a workforce development pilgrimage combining technology, education, and business. NY Wired for Education was born on the premise that empowered workers should be nourished with the prudent innovation of technological solutions.

Metrix Learning takes pride in its education and its impact has not gone unnoticed. Recently, Certus, an eLearning certification company, joined the momentum and acquired NY Wired for Education and Metrix Learning.