Helping communities address workforce challenges

Fusing Innovation with Data

The tailored solutions at Metrix Learning are built on labor market data sets with consideration to the most specific of workforce development needs. Non-profit organizations dedicated to upskilling their local talent have relied on the limitless combinations of training and education in our comprehensive course catalog. Some communities are challenged with:

Shifting workplace cultures

Remote work trends

Quiet quitting

The Great Resignation

Skilled worker shortages

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Our innovative SkillUpAmerica solution takes the Metrix Learning approach to a new level of efficiency and effectiveness by establishing a portal for local communities to expand access to upskilling resources. An initiative developed to bond community-based organizations (CBO) in tandem with community leader strategies, SkillUpAmerica is the one-stop-online-shop that brings together the collaborative components necessary for a workforce to thrive.

Developed with busy lives in mind and an awareness of common barriers faced by jobseekers, Metrix Learning’s SkillupAmerica vision is self-directed and cost-effective. Many of our learners taking advantage of our comprehensive courseware can do so regardless of common restrictive circumstances such as:
Take the first step in building out your SkillUpAmerica portal. Contact us for more information, including pricing and registration information.

Working for Opportunity Talent

Metrix Learning makes going back to work manageable for individuals transitioning from incarceration to the workplace. Maintaining a strong system of support for talent re-entering the workforce is key in reducing recidivism. Metrix Learning offers:

Career exploration with unlimited access to over 7,000 courses

Curriculums designed to hopeful career visions

Soft skills courses to support civilian integration

Mobile or desktop access for round-the-clock convenience

Certifications within 30-90 days

Metrix Learning platform can be whitelisted for secure use by incarcerated individuals prior to release